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You’re about to embark on a new journey of resolving a legal issue or conflict through mediation and we’d like to help you start off on the right foot. Check out our site for more details, and please book your appointment today.

Maria Musolino

Musolino Law & Mediation, PLLC






Supreme Court Cirtified Mediation

Maria is a Supreme Court Certified Civil/Circuit Mediator prepared to assist you in resolving disputes to avoid unnecessary time and costs.  She has mediated many cases involving, but not limited to Breach of Contract disputes, Loan/Mortgage Liability, Automobile Liability, Insurance Coverage, Trust and Estates, Land Use Planning, Construction disputes and Property disputes.

Legal Services

Maria has provided a wide range of legal services in her comprehensive career as an attorney and is qualified to assist you with legal advice and services.  While highly focused on contracts, mortgage banking and regulatory compliance in the early stage of her career, she has expanded her expertise to include many new facets, some of which are land use planning and real estate finance.




  • Ensure you reserve enough time to fully mediate your matter.  The complexity of the matter, the number of parties involved in the mediation, and the documents involved in the case, should be evaluated when determining the time needed to mediate the matter.


  • Unless otherwise specified, all mediations will take place electronically via Zoom. Please ensure all parties have adequate access to the technology needed.

  • If requested, parties may meet at an agreed-upon location.


Contact Us
  • After booking, you will receive a welcome email requesting any necessary documentation prior to your mediation. 

  • After the parties have submitted a signed engagement letter, a mediation confirmation email will be sent.




"I have worked with Maria for over a decade and have engaged her on a wide range of mortgage banking and regulatory compliance matters over the years, including enforcement litigation. Maria is always proactive and available, and provides outstanding technical and commercial legal advice. A primary advantage for me is the flexibility of services Maria can offer – I refer both individual questions and matters; and she coordinates larger projects including managing the external law firm relationships. Maria’s services enables us to variabilize our cost base and help us through peak periods whilst still engaging with the businesses at a granular level, something that a larger law firm would not be able to do, and certainly not at a competitive price."

Bevan Richardson, Macquarie Group

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